About Us

 Finally Made It Records will be bangin and creating a sound that will ring through the music industry. Wit hiphop artist ENFAMALE leading the way, and the message he's bringin to this hiphop generation is one to be remembered. We are a company that has took the underdogs despite what other companies seem to overlook becuz of just wanting to sell records and not focusing on making real music with real skill.
We understand that music has changed, but we have learned to adapt with change without changing the intent of music.(Inspire) or GOD's purpose for music.
     Finally Made It Records is a music company run by music artists, and fans with GOD's direction. We know the sound and we just plain out know good music when we hear it and create it, so you just won't be getting another CD that you only like one song or only like it becuz the radio plays it 100 times a minute.(lol) We are sure to leave your ear cravin for more sound from us and create a standard of good music for all to rise up too. We believe our music is life or promotes life.
     At this time we are working on ENFAMALE's new album.